SABU 80th Anniversary Team Match Results

by Coach on March 28, 2009

South African Bisley UnionCongratulations to South Africa who won the 80th Anniversary team match in very trying conditions. They are hard to beat on their home range.

I’m very proud of my USA squad for the Silver Medal.

Captain: Dennis Flaharty V.Captain: Dan Simpson Adjutant: Ian Cheeseman
Coaches: Norm Anderson, Steve Cunico, Tom Whitaker
Main Coach: Emil Praslick


Lane Buxton
Josh Harless
Sherri Hurd
Ty Cooper
Dan Simpson
David Crandall
Bob Steketee
David Littlefield
Dennis Flaharty
Bob Gamboa
Jorge Puignau
Charles Clark

The rest of the results:

3rd: England
4th: Ireland
5th: Wales(?)
6th: Scotland

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