No Plan Survives First Contact

by Coach's Wife on March 27, 2009

Planes, Trains and AutomobilesYears ago, one day before my wedding, I was in the midst of some well earned hysteria.  I was defending my control freak behavior (“Because relying on unreliable people leads to nothing but disaster!”) and my demand for Spartan precision with the wedding, when my then fiance interrupted and said, “The first thing you learn in the military is this: ‘No plan survives first contact.’”  Through my haze of tears and rage, I remember staring down at my right hand, which was rising of its own accord and curling into a fist, and rapidly heading towards a collision course with Emil’s head.  Recalling this instance five and a half years of marriage later, my hand involuntarily curls into a fist and I look for something to strike.

That twenty-one US National and Goodwill Rifle Team members and spouses (less a few who made their own arrangements) made it to Johannesburg and Bloemfontein with only four travellers straggling behind is somewhat miraculous.  I thought about posting the trials and travails in getting my stragglers to Bloemfontein but it made for an entirely too self-pitying post on how much the Travel Gods hate me.

Perhaps it’s best summed up by this comment I made to one of my stragglers: “Get on the Metro today and we can say we did ‘Planes, trains and automobiles.'”

It’s far more polite than what I said to Emil as we were working out logistics last Sunday trying to get everyone to Bloemfontein when he stated, “No plan survives first contact.”

Posts from the range in Bloemfontein coming up shortly.

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